Saturday, April 25, 2009

We all are responsible!!!

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Recently two days back “World Earth Day” was celebrated. On a large scale, activities were conducted in various corporate offices, govt sector and colleges. I believe it is good way to boost ourselves to pledge to protect environment. But, there is a question which bothers me again and again “who will take the responsibility of maintaining the environment once you are done with the day?". Who will take out the time and water the plants once they are planted on a specific day. Do bureaucrats who plant the trees and get there photos clicked go and water them, protect from stray cattles and other climate changes?

I agree it is not one person job to commit for environmental protection but, how many of us really think with respect of environment than as per our convenience. How many of us appreciate car pooling, riding a cycle or walking if the work place is closer, regularly check our vehicles, get the leaking taps fix, save water during our regular activities and ask our maids to save the environment. Most of the people do save the water and other things when they are short of it. If a day water supply is limited then every one tend to save every drop of water but rest of days it is used as per their convenience.

Other major area is teaching the maids and uneducated people to understand the importance of the environmental protection. Daily I tell my maids to close taps when not required but it seems they are deaf. Switching off the fans and lights are big jobs for which they need extra money. On road the maximum pollution is created by the auto, cabs and old state vehicles. But, surprising they all have pollution certificate.

It is said that one person can make a difference but I believe this is such a big problem that one person can’t do much. We all have to share our responsibility and then we can make a difference.


Badhri said...

You are absolutely right. "World Earth Day" or for that matter any day may serve as the reminder of our responsibility. But it is upon us to keep it in our mind and act upon it!

There is so much to do about environment that it is almost impossible to stick to all of them with success.