Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marching towards the Conceptual Age...

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This is my first post on CSIM Vision. I am happy to get a new platform to share my ideas about the world.

I am a huge supporter of social media like blogging, social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter. It helps me connect and reach more people. I have made so many friends from these platforms which has helped me broaden my vision.

I start off my first flight on CSIM Vision with a "thought".

Human beings as a species has come a long way. We were initially cave people, hunter-gatherers, nomads, took up cultivation and agriculture, cattle rearing, settlements, tools making etc. All this gradually led to the "Industrial revolution". The Industrial revolution phase was transformed into the "Information Age" thanks to internet, books, printing etc.

Are we still in the "Information Age"? This is a serious question.

Daniel Pink the author of the brilliant book "A Whole New Mind" gives a very good answer.

We are slowly moving onto a "Conceptual Age".

Dan says in his book:

We are moving from an economy and a society built on the logical, linear, computerlike capabilities of the Information Age to an economy and society built on the inventive, empathic, big-picture capabilities of what's rising in its place, the Conceptual Age

The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind - creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers and meaning makers

We have lot of information on hand. Infact, more information than all of us can handle. The world we are moving into will depend on "how we make use of this information"

The growing awareness of "Social Entrepreneurship" combining the ideas of leadership, innovation, social change, business etc makes me believe that we as the "human race" are taking our first steps towards this new Conceptual Age.

What qualities or tools to use to succeed in this Conceptual Age? Do share your views. Probably we need a "Whole New Mind"

We will explore more about this in my next post.