Monday, November 3, 2008

Social Equity and Development Vision

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At the outset, let me welcome all those who envision social equity, cohesion, prosperity, ecological regeneration and sustainable development in India!

Our economic growth engine and social and political processes and institutions should ideally work for the benefit of everyone rather than only for a few. The history, however, shows that this idealism is not something new. As a matter of fact, this ideal has inspired several thinkers and leaders in the past as well, and the quest of realising this ideal continues even today. Is it just an utopian dream? Or is it possible to make significant progress towards realsing this vision in a considerable measure by applying some practical concepts and tools in real life situations in the Indian context? What are the obstacles on this road? Are we limited by our thought processes and imagination? Or we becoming the prisoners of the past?
Our scientific, technological and management capabilities have increased significantly in the recent decades. The processes of globalisation have created opportunities as well as problems for equitable development. How can we tackle the problems and benefit from these opportunities in our march towards our vision? In particular, what is the role of NGOs and educational processes in realsing this vision?

This blog is an opportunity to explore different dimensions and viewpoints pertaining to the questions mentioned above.